Thats Rich (-3 steps)

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​​I got Rhythm 32 bars


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I got Rhythm Full Verse

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 Sunny Side Up from Good News


(Subject to change)

Thats Rich from Newsies

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A little club in New York, a farm girl from Iowa and a rich girl from the city want to be the next big cabaret act. But the club has troubles, so, Peg , the owner hires a few small-time gangsters for help. There's a little crazy upstairs, a little crazy downstairs, and a card game that keeps them all on their feet.

You have to know the password to get in, but once you're there, you're gonna have a whole lot of fun!

Gimme Gimme aud cut

  • 1:23

NOTE: Audition day will have live piano accompanist. (Not singing to tape or acapella)

  • 1:08

Sunny Side Up